So many pressing issues. So many unresolved conflicts.

Whether of global importance or in our own country, within our families or just personally concerning us: Our previous answers have indeed brought us further – but further away from ourselves.

Real change, isn’t only putting fresh paint on old walls, it begins within us. Effective change needs new ways. Create deliberate moments of silence from time to time for yourself and listen to your inner self. If you listen carefully, you may find an answer to everything: your senses, given by nature, and your peacemaking sensitivity.

In understanding yourself you find yourself. By understanding that others feel different from you, you cease to always expect the same behavior. A genuine “We” may occur.
And then we stand together…

At the beginning of our future

Our cause


About every sixth human being carries high sensitivity as a special trait in their genes. This includes refined senses, a more sensitive perception, a high degree of empathy and a pronounced seventh sense.

However, most of them know as little of their talent as their families and their social environment. They are often misunderstood in their sensitive nature, being labled as psychologically unstable, sick or even called crazy and being pushed to the edge of our society.Albeit, highly sensitive people specifically could offer new perspectives, impulses and solutions for the urgent problems of our time.

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Our mission


In our times driven by achievement, growth and selfishness, we are all at risk of disease of soul, spirit and body. We are on the right track to lose the relationship to ourselves, as well as losing the sense for a well lived life. We degenerate.

SAG7 aims to address people of all levels of sensitivity. It is from the understanding of each other, that a chance emerges: United as one humankind, we can develop of a new consciousness of humaneness. This peaceful coexistence will be supported by sincere self-love and charity. We regenerate.

Our vision


As a point of contact for persons with high sensitivity, we want to offer those often socially disadvantaged people to find meaning through a unique self-discovery program. In addition, we want to redefine hierarchy in businesses as, „equality despite difference‘. Everyone – whether highly or less sensitive – should be enabled to live and act according to their talent and inner purpose. The wise use of technology and the fair distribution of resources will support us in this effort.

Initiatives and subdomains of SAG7

The Self-Help

Sensitive. Anonymous. Gender Friendly.

We organize and support non-profit self-help groups, which are open to both highly sensitive people as well as to those who simply want to talk freely about their thoughts and feelings. The communities offer spaces for a dialogue of change. These are based on anonymity, equality and voluntariness.

Highly sensitive people help to develop their lives and talent by using a 12-step program and use it for the good of all. Independent in every respect, the self-help groups finance themselves solely by donations and grants. Within the self-help SAG7, the SAG7 Child & Family Foundation is committed to bringing a new culture of dialogue within families. One main focus is the appreciative, open (emancipated) communication with children.

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