Blessing and a curse for those affected.

Sensitive, thin-skinned, sensitive – these delicate traits are often interpreted as weakness in our meritocracy driven society and felt as such by most sensitive people too. The up side of this, however – such as the ability to empathize with other people or situations, empathic listening, carefully dealing with others – are qualities that are also of great importance in our time.

To be so loving, gentle and considerate with myself as I would be with another human being.

You are not sick –

You are talented!

The contribution of particularly sensitive people is very valuable and important to us all. Nevertheless, HSP are increasingly marginalized in human coexistence, because they themselves are unaware of the existence of this talent. They doubt their mental health and suffer as sensitive people in a less sensitive environment. They cannot cope with their special ability and often fall into addictions and dependencies due to the lack of understanding. How can the affected learn to ever live happily? Here you will find suggestions and inspiration in the spirit of » » helping people help themselves.